Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Celebrating our 23rd Monthsary

A very special day

I think we don't need to spend much money just to celebrate an important event in our life.. I do believe that having a quality time to each other is the best gift that you can give to your partner..
Last may 16,2011 daniel and i went to makati to rebook his flight....  we were planning to eat at italiani's in robinsons metroeast but unfortunately it was already closed...So we transfered to sta lucia mall to dine in at kenny rogers.... I was so happy to be with him.. we took a lot of pictures together and had a  great lunch..
He is so sweet.. he bought  a couple rings yesterday for our23rd monthsary..
So we decided to take picture or our rings...
                      While walking on our way home we drop by to red ribbon to buy a cake.  We we're so lucky that  my favorite cake was 20% off.. i felt so great... we bought the cake at home.. we blow  the candle and make a wish.. Lord I'm so thankful for another month.. I hope daniel and I will love each other untill the end of time.. Thank you Lord for the blessings..